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CMG & Refurbishing LPG CYLINDERS Plant

Most of the countries have regulation to control the use of LPG or any other compressed gas cylinders.
On an average 10years is general guideline for the expiry of the all cylinders.
You may notice that the expiry of the cylinders are marked on all cylinders. It is mandatory. 
Usually used cylinders are periodically tested  to ensure its safety before refilling the gas. 

On expiry the cylinders are subjected to re-qualification. 

  can design and supply this plant to test, repair and refurbish the LPG cylinders.
CMG now manages the factory where the Plant for Refurbishing LPG cylinders iwas designed and installed by CMG

Following a brief description of the process

The used cylinders are received in containers.

The valve is removed from the cylinder, then the cylinder is washed inside to remove remaining gas and dirtiness. After than the cylinders are submitted to the hydraulic test (30 kg/cm2 at least during 30 seconds).

Then, the cylinders are shoot blasting to prepare the surface for the painting.
When the paint is finished the cylinder is printed with the tare weight and the new valve is assembled.
After this, the cylinders are ready for new safe use.


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TM.I.P. at OMC Fair in Ravenna Italy 20-22 March 2013


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