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CMG & Treatment Plant for oils as motors' fuel
  Using vegetable oil as a fuel is becoming more and more interesting, because this kind of fuel guarantees the best performance in terms of environmental protection. Indeed, the carbon dioxide produced during the combustion of vegetable oil comes directly from air, being it absorbed by the plants, from which the oil is extracted, for the photosynthesis process.
This means that no external CO2 enters in the atmosphere, closing the cycle without increasing the level of greenhouse gas.

In addition, the largest part of the environmental parameters (such as dust content, sulfur oxides, heavy metals, aromatic compounds) are very much better for this kind of fuel with respect to the traditional diesel fuel.

The production of vegetable fuel oil can be started from the seeds from which a raw oil has to be extracted, or directly from raw oil in case it is at disposal.

The difference between the two approaches is obviously on the oil extraction system needed in the first case (which can be only mechanical extraction through presses or a combination of mechanical extraction and solvent extraction) to obtain raw oil.

This raw oil must be treated in order to respect several parameters to use the oil inside motors, I.e.:

  • - Acidity;
  • - Phosphorous and hydrosoluble compounds content;
  • - Water content;

The treatment plant consist of two sections: in the first, usually indicated as degumming and washing section, the phosphatides and hydrosoluble compounds are removed using a centrifugal separator.
The second section, called deacidification section, is used to remove the part of fatty acids which is contained in the oil.
This quantity can vary significantly in relation to the oil nature (different kinds of oils have different acidity) and to the time which passes between the oil extraction and the oil treatment (the more the time, the highest the acidity).
For low acidity oils a physical deacidification is performed, while for high acidity oils a chemical deacidification is used.
The second one is more complicated, but it can remove the most of the acid content, while the first one can be used only for low fatty acids percentage.

The oil obtained can be used directly inside specifically designed motors.

CMG has realized a treatment plant for 50 tonne/day of raw oil.
Plants spreading from 20 liter/day  to 200 tonne/day can be supplied by CMG.


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