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CMG & SO2 treatment plant
Emission limits for sulfur dioxide (SO2) are very restrictive, being this chemical compound irritant and one of the more important causes of acid rains.
CMG can supply both  dry treatment plant and wet treatment plant for the abatement of this pollutant.

Dry treatment, which can be performed using sodium bicarbonate or calcium hydroxide, is composed of a milling section (where it's necessary) and a reagent injection section, which sends reactants directly inside the pipe of the SO2 laden air. Following the injection point, a contact reactor is installed in order to give  sufficient time for the abatement reaction to take place.

At the end of the abatement system, a bag filter is installed to remove dust from the fumes. The air is sucked by a centrifugal fan placed before the exit chimney

Wet treatment plant is done by a washing column using a caustic solution who reacts with SO2.

In this kind of plant , the solution formed in the bottom of the column must be treated outside as a waste.

In case of high flowrate and concentration CMG can supply also the process suitable to produce AMMONIUM SULPHATE Solution  30% concentration  using the  washing by ammonia solution ( 7-15% concentration )

CMG has realized several plants of this kind, and can supply plants up to 150.000 Nm3/hr of air to be treated and 10 grams/Nm3 of SO2

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