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Ethanol-Water distillation plant
  It's very well completed the start-up of CMG's ETHANOL-WATER (Ethyl alcohol-water) distillation plant for a pharmaceutical company. The CMG's supply  comprises:
  •   Basic  and detailed Engineering according to  GMPc
  •    Supply of all the equipment including the utilities (cooling tower and steam piping and valves) and the software for the control system
  •  Assistance for commissioning and start-up
  • Preparation and execution of the documents  FAT, SAT, IQ, OQ e PQ 
  •  Teaching to the clients technicians for the managing of the plant 

Plant description

The plant is a double effect distillation: the first column C1 works at atmospheric pressare, the second one C2 works under vacuum, in order to reduce the steam consumption. The stored mixture Ethanol- Water is fed by a pump to the pre-heaters, where it's heated by the solutions of the bottom of the columns and then to the distillation column C1. The flowrate is self-controlled by a flow-meter. The heating of C1 is made up by steam directly. The vapours of the C1 are used for the external reboiler R1 of the bottom of C2 . The condensate of R1 are collected into D1, a part of these is  refluxed into C1, and a part of these is fed to C2 column.The products of the bottom of C1 are discharged. The azeotropic vapours coming from C2 are condensed and collected intoD2 tank. A part is refluxed into C2 and a part is subcooled and sent to the storage tank. The column C2 waorks under vacuum condition, by liquid ring pumps.  


  •  Flow-rate                                                           2.000 LT./h
  •  Recovered Alcohol                                             98% vol
  •  Purity                                                                  96% vol
  • Concentration bottom column product                 < 0,6% vol  Et-OH
  •  Steam Consumption                                            about1.500 Kg/h a 3 bar
This project is another goal of CMG, due to the showed satisfactory of the clients for the obtained results and for the post-sale assistance service.  

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